Administrative Bodies

1. ESST Board of Directors, which is the representative body of the ESST
members. The Board can consider, and take decisions on, almost any matter
affecting ESST. Each member institution has one vote at Board meetings and is
normally represented by the institution’s ESST Director of Studies.

2. ESST General Assembly. This is a formal meeting to meet legal
requirements. Amongst other things the GA receives a financial statement and
confirms the election of the President and other Bureau members. Membership
of the GA is the same as that of the Board.

3. ESST Bureau. This is the equivalent of an executive committee, which deals
with matters arising in between Board meetings. The current membership
consists of the President, Vice-President Educational Affairs (International Co-
ordinator and International Affairs), Vice-President for Research, Vice-
President for Public Relations, Secretary.

ESST Meetings
ESST representatives meet twice a year, one in the spring (May) and one in
the autumn (November). The Board of Directors Meeting is the central platform
for discussion. In the Spring Board meeting the main focus is on the first
semester activities. In the autumn meeting the focus is on the selection of
specialisations and student mobility. In practice this means that most
representatives of the second semester universities (those who only provide a
second semester) only attend the autumn meeting.

Since most representatives are present during the autumn meeting, the General
Assembly is organized during this meeting. Additionally, one session is spent
on research (the Workshop).

Also the members of the Bureau meet twice a year. Bureau meetings always
precede Board meetings in order to prepare these.

During the Board meeting one member of the host university will give a
lecture after the lunch. This enables the visibility of research activities
among the members.

Current Bureau members
• ESST President: Matthias Dörries (Strasbourg)
• Vice-president Educational Affairs: Jessica Mesman (Maastricht)
• Secretary: Juan Carlos Salazar (Madrid)
• Vice-president Research: Aristotle Tympas (Athens)
• Vice-president PR: Mark Elam (Copenhagen)

Treasurer: Marco van Sint Fiet (Maastricht)