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Philosophy and History of Science and Technology

The list of NKUA  faculty includes a large group of specialists in ancient and modern philosophy, philosophy of knowledge, analytic and continental philosophy of science. This specialization is designed for international students who may want to take advantage of the opportunity to work with them during the second semester of their ESST studies.

The list of NKUA faculty also includes a mix of senior and junior historians of science and technology, including specialists in the history of science and technology in local contexts. The specialization is especially appropriate for international students who want to work on topics related to the history of science and technology in the European periphery.

Core Literature
Given the broad range of the areas included in this specialization, contact the NKUA specialization coordinators that you consider working with in order to provide you with an appropriate core literature.

Language of Instruction

Minimum and Maximum Number of Students

Thesis Topics Samples
Contact the specialist of the NKUA faculty for a list of possible topics within your area of interest.

Schedule of Introductory Course
8 three-hour meetings at the beginning of ESST’s second semester.

Specialization Coordinator
Theodore Arabatzis (history), tarabatz@phs.uoa.gr
Stathis Psillos (philosophy), psillos@phs.uoa.gr

Lists of Possible Supervisors
Faculty members of NKUA

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