Center for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK)

ESST, TIK senteret
P.O. Box 1108 Blindern
0317 Oslo, Norway
Visiting Address
Eilert Sundts hus, Moltkte Moesvei 31, 5th. Floor

Director of Studies:
Tone Druglitrø
Tel: +47-22841627”

Institutional Profile

The focus for TIKs research is studies of the interaction between technology, science and changes in society. All projects are concerned with economical, political and cultural implications of changes and development within science and technology. The TIK Centre has a wide spectrum of competence, ranging from economy to the history of ideas.


1st Semester Course
Language of instruction is Norwegian first semester.
The course starts in Week 34 and runs until Week 51.

2nd Semester specialisations: 
Science and Technology in Politics and Society
Innovation and global challenges

Administrative coordinator: Lene Angelskår

Student life at TIK
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